Why Join CFSM

CrossFit Stone Mountain (CFSM)


Globo Gym

So what do you get with CrossFit Stone Mountain?

Highly Qualified and Experienced Coaches whose purpose is to coach you into:

- Getting Stronger

- Losing Body Fat

- Building Confidence

- Improving your Mobility and flexibility

- Increasing your knowledge about Nutrition as it relates to improving your life

- Making sure you Have Fun!

- Small price for a large life change

CFSM’s highly trained staff is here for you.  We will either be right beside you, walking around watching, or working out with you, depending on the abilities of the class or the workout.  The good news is you don’t have to be in shape to start.  We have the ability to “scale” every workout, every movement to the athletic level of each person.

Classes are intense workouts!  In other words classes that are fun, hard but not impossible and don’t take forever to complete.

Your workouts are with a group of like minded people who are working to become more FIT and improve the quality of their lives.  It is always easier to achieve a goal when you are surrounded by like-minded people (teamwork!!!)  You get an instant peer group.

You also get a constantly varied program that does not get boring (which is a primary reason people leave Globo gyms).  You will develop new skills and abilities because of the variety.  Variety keeps your body guessing and you never hit a plateau.  We use a variety of body weight exercises, gymnastics, weight lifting and metabolic conditioning to achieve results (lack of results is also a primary reason people leave Globo gyms).  Also, variety is the spice of life and will keep you engaged.

So what don’t you get with CrossFit Stone Mountain?

- Caddy’s.  We don’t carry anything for you.

- Clipboard Holders.  We write the workout on the board for everyone to see.

- Rep Counters.  You have to count your own.  We are concentrating on your form.

- Amenities that you will NEVER use.  You will use and touch everything in CFSM.

- Wait times on equipment that never works for you anyway.  We build the workout so everyone can do it in a group at the same time.

- High Pressure Sales People.  Of course we want you to join, but more importantly we want you to come to the training and to get FIT.

- Unqualified group X instructors.  Every trainer is certified.  If you want to see the certifications, we will point them out to you.  They are on the wall in the office.

Final thoughts…..

One thing has always fascinated me with” globo” gyms.   With gym memberships so inexpensive, why is our society so physically unhealthy, so obese, so inflexible, and so weak?  There have always been gym memberships to facilities with lots of equipment, locker rooms and showers, and all the mirrors you can fit into the gym at $20 a month.

Have you noticed how cheap the membership is at a “Globo” gym?   Globo gyms, big box chains, are driving membership prices lower and lower.  You can get a gym for as low as $20 a month.  Their business model is to buy equipment, pay staff as little as possible since they have no qualifications, get as many people to sign up as possible, knowing most people will not return after signing up, and those that do will never ask questions, and they keep getting your money.  It is a great business model for making money, but it does nothing for getting a person FIT.  CFSM is committed to making you FIT.

So the reason that collectively we are physically sick is not because our gym was too expensive.   No, the reason is globo gyms are too cheap.


Payment must be established before you begin

Also, before you begin you must complete the foundations program. In this program you will learn the movements and terminology used in the workouts.

  • Monthly unlimited: $130
  • 3 WOD’s a week: $104mo.
  • 6 month contract: 5% discount $780-5%=$40 off for entering 6mo contract Total $740 for 6mo contract. If paid in full you will get $10 off of that. Total of $730.
  • 1 year contract: 10% discount $1560-10%=$150 off for entering 1yr contract. Total $1410 for 1yr contract. If paid in full you will get $10 off of that. Total of $1400.
  • Payment plans: Monthly unlimited will pay $130 each much. 6mo contract will pay $123.35 each month. 1yr contract will pay $117.50 each month. You may pay for each month in full or divide it up into two payments. All payments will either be due on the 1st or 15th of each month.


(To qualify for a discount you must have a valid ID or active class schedule)
  • Teachers and Students: 10% off above prices
  • Police, Fire, First Responder: 20% off above prices
  • Active/Retired Military: $90mo
  • Newly enlisted in Military (before going to basic training): $50mo.


(Discounts do not apply to package deals)

  • Couples: Get $30 off of monthly unlimited. Total $230mo.
  • Couples: 3 WOD a week. Total $180.00
  • Family of 4: Get $40 off of monthly unlimited. Total $480mo.
  • Family of 4: 3 WOD's a week. $376.00
  • Punch Card:  10 WOD's expires in 2 months after purchase date. $100.00

Late Fee (7 days past due): $15.00

Declined/Insufficient Funds Charge: $15.00